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Our heritage

Avoid downtime by purchasing from experts

Purchasing textile equipment, particularly used knitwear equipment, from a team who have decades of industry experience is essential if your business is to continue meeting those tight retail deadlines. By purchasing your new and used knitwear machinery from a trusted supplier such as John Williams Textile Machinery Sales, you can minimise machine downtime, thus avoiding lost labour hours and delays in delivery. You can also be confident that the in-house staff will safely pack and load your machinery.

Supplying the global knitwear trade since 1983

John Williams started the business in 1983 and has since passed it to his son David, who has always been in and around the knitwear trade. 

Following many years of textile industry experience, David and his team of buyers recognise a high quality second hand machine when they see one. They recognise those all important signs of wear with each brand, that could cause a problem later on. 

With such a knitwear industry pedigree, they know machine specifications for each brand inside and out: making them the perfect choice for finding you the right machine, with the right functionality for your needs.

Providing you a professional service and global delivery

Equipment purchased that might require reconditioning or servicing can be taken care of by the John Williams team of technicians in their inhouse workshop. They are experts in finding the necessary parts to bring machines back to their former glory.

Knitwear machinery can be an expensive and challenging item to transport. With a well established network of contacts and experience, John Williams are able to organise worldwide delivery, making sure it arrives with you on time, without damage. When shipping such a valuable investment, why would you purchase from another dealer?